Top 5 Tricks Real Estate Agents Use That Cost You Money, and How to Protect Yourself

Top 5 Tricks Real Estate Agents Use That Cost You Money, and How to Protect Yourself

This booklet could save you from being cheated out of thousands of dollars when you sell your home.
As a real estate agent who has sold hundreds of properties, I’m pulling back the curtain to expose the top 5 tricks some greedy real estate agents employ that can cost you tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars when selling your house. These are insider tricks that 99% of home sellers would never even suspect are being used. This booklet will explain how and why these tricks are used, as well as give countermeasures to protect you from being cheated.

Beverly Hills based Realtor David Kean’s real estate and design advice has been featured in over 30 publications including the LA Times, Investopedia, NY Times, and on HGTV. His expertise, energetic presence, and “insider’s” knowledge have quickly led him to become one of the more prolific luxury realtors in the Los Angeles area. David employs his expertise in interior design, and knowledge of what buyers look for in a home to help his home selling clients attain the highest selling price possible.

David’s exceptional ability to maximize a home’s hidden potential and value has helped him to create a loyal and multi-layered client roster which includes film and music industry professionals, CEOs, first-time buyers, and home developers.

Raised in San Francisco, David made Los Angeles his home in the early 1990’s and worked for several top antique reproduction furniture companies in design and marketing. He ultimately founded his own namesake antique furniture reproduction and interior design company. David has been featured in Romantic Homes, Traditional Homes, The Los Angeles Times, and Architectural Digest magazines.

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