50 Simple Secrets To Be A Happy Real Estate Investor

50 Simple Secrets To Be A Happy Real Estate Investor

Discover the secrets used by successful real estate investors to create happiness in their lives and businesses.
Naturally create more happiness for yourself by implementing time-tested secrets to happiness used by other real estate professional and investors just like you. Start to experience more productivity, satisfaction, and success immediately.
Over the past 3 years I have been asking the question, What makes people really happy while real estate investing? This book contains these answered secrets. Each real estate secret is researched and discussed in easy-to-understand language to help you immediately understand and implement more happiness in your life.
This Book Will Help You:

  • Discover more productive time every day.
  • Improve your focus, naturally.
  • Automate your real estate selling funnel.
  • Expand your local circle of influence.
  • Wake up earlier, naturally.
  • Build stronger family relationships.
  • Have more fun, naturally.

Don’t be fooled with quick fixes and guilty pleasures giving you a dopamine high and quick crash. This book focuses on building happiness through new daily habits, fun investing strategies, stronger relationships, a healthier lifestyle, and a more productive real estate investing business.
No matter the niche of real estate that excites you this book is for you: Flipping real estate, wholesaling real estate, notes, condos, real estate options, rentals, commercial property, residential real estate, foreclosures, multi-family real estate, REOs, fix and flips, short sales, mobile homes, Realtors, brokers, and all other real estate professionals looking to increase results and more happiness.
Personal Note From The Author
It is my personal opinion that real estate investors need a reminder that real estate investing is not only a source of profit and fortunes, real estate investing should be a source of joy, creativity, freedom, self- expression, and accomplishment. There is a need for more HAPPINESS and VALUES in this business.
Do not let another mediocre day pass you by. Make the most of everyday investing by implementing new business-building habits that can catapult your happiness to new levels.
On every page you will find a new secret, a clear description of this secret, your challenge to begin taking action, and any additional websites that pertain to this secret.
Discover happiness secrets like…

  • #1. Train Yourself to Wake Up Earlier, Naturally
  • #3. Learn Faster and Develop a Clearer Understanding
  • #11. Enjoy Better Focus Throughout Your Day
  • #12. Accomplish More and Have More Natural Energy
  • #13. Improve Your Family Life While Real Estate Investing
  • #28. Get Noticed and Stay Remembered
  • #35. Know What Type of Seller You are Talking To
  • #48. These Folks Can Greatly Advance Your Success
  • #49. Procrastination Killers

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Listen to what other readers have already been saying about this book:
“This is amazing content. I love the challenges in each section.” – Anthony Clark
“Immediately practical information and advice I started using day 1.” – Stephanie Daniels
“Extremely well researched secrets. Many of these secrets I have never thought of before but will start using this week in my investing business.” – Brian Mearly
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The Real Estate Rookie: A fun, sometimes absurd, uplifting story for anyone who owns, sells,buys, rents, builds or who has even driven by real estate

The Real Estate Rookie: A fun, sometimes absurd, uplifting story for anyone who owns, sells,buys, rents, builds or who has even driven by real estate

When Bob Boog finally escaped his family home and the constant chatter about Real Estate, it was to attend UCLA on a merit scholarship. Finally, he thought, he was free from a business he had no desire to be a part of.
But on one of his frequent ‘laundry visits’ to the family home, he was suddenly presented with a ticket for a Real Estate seminar and felt compelled to attend. It was something which changed his opinions, his plans for the future and his life.
Inspired by the words of Real Estate guru Tom Hopkins, Bob decided to get his licence and studied harder for the exam than he did for some of the ones on his course, passing it on his first attempt.
And then, armed with this new-found ability and a desire to become the ‘Rookie of the Year’ he entered the world he had sworn he never would.
The Real Estate Rookie is the often ridiculous, sometimes absurd and always hilarious account of his journey from someone who would cringe at the very mention of Real Estate, to one who lived and breathed every moment of it.
“A fun read. I warmly recommend The Real Estate Rookie.”

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The Real Estate Agent: Master The Art of Real Estate Finance and Investment (Realtors Book 1)

The Real Estate Agent: Master The Art of Real Estate Finance and Investment (Realtors Book 1)

Learn How To Make Your Dreams Of Real Estate Investment A Reality!

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Do you drive past housing developments and apartment complexes and wonder how the developers got the financing to put the project together? Does it seem like a far off dream that is always going to pass you by? What are the finance options available for regular people like you and me?

There are some solid sources of finance for those that want to invest in real estate development projects. Download this book NOW and:

  • Learn What Finance Resources Are Out There For Real Estate Investors.
  • Find Out What It Takes To Qualify For Financing.
  • Learn What Types Of Projects Are Favored For Financing.
  • Get The Information You Need To Be A Step Ahead Of The Competition!

What if you have less than perfect credit? Will it be impossible to get financed? Download this book TODAY and:

  • Learn What Specifics Financing Institutions And Entities Look At Before Approval.
  • Find Out How A Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Finance Options.
  • Learn What The lesser Know Finance Options Are.
  • Get The Money You Need To Make Your Real Estate Investment Dreams Come True!

Real Estate Investment and Development is a costly endeavor, but the payback can be really high. Download this book NOW and get started on your Real Estate Investment future!

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