Property Made Simple: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Profitable Property Investing

Property Made Simple: The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Profitable Property Investing

Now You Can Build A Property Fortune (Working Part-time Hours) Too…Do you watch the property investment programmes thinking, “I should be doing that!” …but don’t know where to start? Do you know someone who has made money out of property, want to do the same …but are afraid of making a bad decision? Wouldn’t you just love to get started …if it wasn’t for those nagging doubts at the back of your mind? Don’t you wish there was a resource full of simple, easy to understand answers to all your questions – in plain English? Well now there is! Written by a successful UK property investor, this book shows you how to confidently invest in property – working part time hours. You’ll get the tools, confidence and know-how to make serious money at the property game whether you have a full-time job or are self-employed. Just some of the great stuff you’ll get inside: * What you absolutely must do before you begin * How to shrewdly assess property deals like a professional * Which investment approach is right for you * Easy ways to put other people’s time and money to work for you * How to finance your property deal – the options * How to handle tenants and find good estate/letting agents * Build your confidence with the jargon buster * …and much, much more This book will enable you to…* Add an additional, proven, revenue stream to your business * Start building your nest-egg, in your spare time, while still employed * Become seriously wealthy working part-time hours * Invest positively in your future and the future of your family

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Open House for Homeowners: 27 practical tips for a fast & profitable sale (master the game – real estate)

Open House for Homeowners: 27 practical tips for a fast & profitable sale (master the game - real estate)

Good for you! You’ve decided to sell your property on your own, also known as FSBO (For Sale By Owner). Do you have the first-time-seller jitters? It’s okay, most homeowners selling their homes feel this way! It may make you feel at ease, however, to know that we are here to help you. An open house is by far the most effective tool for any proactive homeowner. In many cases, by successfully selling your property on your own, the sale might be more profitable than it would be by hiring a realtor, as you won’t have to pay a commission. But, firstly, you’ll need to have the right mindset. Preparing for and hosting an open house as a homeowner is a very proactive process.

Basically put, an open house will increase the exposure of your home. An excellent, well-planned open house should sell your property at a ‘top-dollar’ price sooner. Through the text in this book we will guide you on how to collect the necessary information needed for your event. We will also provide you with the steps you’ll need to take before the event itself, in order to ensure its success. Through the open house, you’ll at least collect a substantial list of hot leads of potential buyers.
Not only will this book provide you with all you’ll need to make your sale, as our way of saying thank you for purchasing our book we’ve included a free gift; a ‘Complete Checklist’ PDF containing absolutely all the information you’ll need when selling a property.
~ Michael and Zahie believe their true purpose is to teach and share their personal experiences with the world, especially the world of real-estate, in hope of saving ‘newbie’ investors, advanced investors and experts the time, energy and stress that are often paramount in the industry. They’re ‘paying it forward’ in hope it will help others in the industry to avoid the mishaps they’ve experienced.

Michael Martirena is a licensed Real-Estate Broker in the state of Florida, U.S.A. He purchased, rehabbed and sold his first property straight out of college, and has been in the real-estate industry ever since. By the start of 2015, he has held more than 300 successful open house events, and this number only increases as time moves on. The advice he shares in this area comes from years of experience, and his tips are most-valuable in the real-estate industry.
Zahie Werber earned his B.Sc. degree as an electrical engineer at the age of nineteen. He was born into an Infrastructure Contracting family firm (est. 1956), and was the second generation to help it to grow. He has performed hundreds of projects in high-tech industries, gathering valuable knowledge along the way, most of which is usually only available to large companies. He now implements this knowledge and shares it in this book as tips for homeowners. Zahie is also an active real-estate investor and holds an MBA in business management, majoring in marketing. He is an expert on digital media who has learned to harness the power of social media, enabling him to create a highly-effective marketing system for real-estate. In this book, Zahie shares with you his knowledge and advice in the form of step-by-step tips.

If you are a homeowner and you’ve decided to do an open house in order to sell your property, this book was written for you!

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