Puzzled about the Home Inspection Process? : Tips to help you “piece together” what you should know as a Home Buyer, Home Seller, Realtor, Contractor, or Home Inspector

Puzzled about the Home Inspection Process? : Tips to help you

“As a homebuyer or seller, if you had the “inside scoop”
on the home inspection process, wouldn’t that make you
feel less anxious? If you’re looking to get into this line of
work, this book will help you know what to expect and
how to get as much information to further your career
as well.
Think about it like this: the buyers want you to
find everything, the sellers don’t want you to find
anything, the realtors don’t want the home inspector
to “blow the deal”, and the home inspector, who’s
in the middle, has an obligation to do a thorough
and professional job and stay neutral.
The home buying process is complicated enough, but
being prepared, knowing what to ask, knowing what to
look for in a home inspector, knowing what everyone’s
roles are, that’s the easy part when you have access to
the right information.
If you’re going to seek advice from someone, make it
someone who’s got the extensive background to be
off ering such advice. Read more so you can be prepared
for this house, your next house, or a future career.
• Know about your home inspector
• Be prepared as a home buyer
• Be prepared as a home seller
• Be prepared as a realtor
• Be prepared as a contractor
• Looking into a home inspector career
• Home maintenance tips”

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Home Buying: Master the Process: Learn the tips and secrets realtors and lenders know!

Home Buying: Master the Process: Learn the tips and secrets realtors and lenders know!

Dave Van Waldick, is a licensed California Realtor and Mortgage professional, CEO ePrequal.com, and published author of a series of books on real estate, wealth planning, and business growth strategies. He has guided more than 1,500 successful home buyers and owners all over the United States to find, finance, and negotiate on their home. Thousands of people have personally asked him to assist them. He has worked at top national banks like Wells Fargo Bank and real estate firms like Keller Williams, as well as owning his own successful brokerage and mortgage Western Realty and Western Mortgage firms for over 20 years. Experienced agents and clients have called him “the best guide ever to this crazy home buying business”. A long-time client Phil Winter, President Winter Insurance Group, told another complaining realtor “Dave Van Waldick has forgotten more about real estate they you will ever know!” Now for the first time—in his first published book —he’s shares in detail his hard learned experience of home buying and financing that confuses even repeat home buyers: How to secure financial personal and financial freedom for ourselves and our families through home ownership.

Based on detailed and extensive research from over 1,500 successful mortgage AND real estate closings, David Van Waldick has provided this simple 10 key topic, step by step guide that anyone can use to prepare for and get through the home buying and financing game.

Van Waldick has a brilliant way of using real- life experience to illustrate the complex financial and real estate concepts ever home buyer needs to know—making them simple and actionable. With expert advice on our most important financial decision, Van Waldick is an advocate for the reader, explaining the things that often rob people of their homes and ultimate financial dreams.

David Van Waldick walks readers through the steps to become financially free by creating a home ownership plan. This book delivers invaluable information and essential practices for getting your home buying strategy ready.

HOME BUYING: Master the Game is the book millions of first time home buyers absolutely need to be successful.

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Urban Design in the Real Estate Development Process: Policy Tools and Property Decisions (Real Estate Issues)

Urban Design in the Real Estate Development Process: Policy Tools and Property Decisions (Real Estate Issues)

Urban design enables better places to be created for people and is thus seen in Urban Design in the Real Estate Development Process as a place-making activity, rather than the application of architectural aesthetics. Urban design policy can change the ‘decision environment’ of developers, financiers, designers and other actors in the real estate development process to make them take place-making more seriously. This book reports diverse international experience from Europe and North America on the role and significance of urban design in the real estate development process and explores how higher quality development and better places can be achieved through public policy. The book is focused on four types of policy tool or instrument that have been deployed to promote better urban design: those that seek to shape, regulate or provide stimulus to real estate markets along with those aim to build capacity to achieve these. Urban design is therefore seen as a form of public policy that seeks to steer real estate development towards policy-shaped rather than market-led outcomes.The editors set the examples, case studies and evidence from international contributors within a substantive discussion of the impact of urban design policy tools and actions in specific development contexts. Contributions from leading urban design theorists and practitioners explore how: Masterplanning and infrastructure provision encourage high quality design Design codes reconcile developers’ needs for certainty and flexibility Clear policy combined with firm regulation can transform developer behaviour Intelligent parcelisation can craft the character of successful new urban districts Powerful real estates interests can capture regulatory initiatives Stimulus instruments can encourage good design Development competitions need careful management Design review can foster developer commitment to design excellence Speculative housebuilders respond in varied ways to the brownfield design challe

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