Property Made Simple: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Profitable Property Investing

Property Made Simple: The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Profitable Property Investing

Now You Can Build A Property Fortune (Working Part-time Hours) Too…Do you watch the property investment programmes thinking, “I should be doing that!” …but don’t know where to start? Do you know someone who has made money out of property, want to do the same …but are afraid of making a bad decision? Wouldn’t you just love to get started …if it wasn’t for those nagging doubts at the back of your mind? Don’t you wish there was a resource full of simple, easy to understand answers to all your questions – in plain English? Well now there is! Written by a successful UK property investor, this book shows you how to confidently invest in property – working part time hours. You’ll get the tools, confidence and know-how to make serious money at the property game whether you have a full-time job or are self-employed. Just some of the great stuff you’ll get inside: * What you absolutely must do before you begin * How to shrewdly assess property deals like a professional * Which investment approach is right for you * Easy ways to put other people’s time and money to work for you * How to finance your property deal – the options * How to handle tenants and find good estate/letting agents * Build your confidence with the jargon buster * …and much, much more This book will enable you to…* Add an additional, proven, revenue stream to your business * Start building your nest-egg, in your spare time, while still employed * Become seriously wealthy working part-time hours * Invest positively in your future and the future of your family

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Real Estate Investing With Private Money: A Mogul’s Guide to Building a Network of Financing Sources for Successful Investing (Real Estate Mogul Book 5)

Real Estate Investing With Private Money: A Mogul's Guide to Building a Network of Financing Sources for Successful Investing (Real Estate Mogul Book 5)

Success in real estate investing is dependent on financing, unquestionably. Using conventional mortgages can be difficult if you suffer from credit score blemishes, and ultimately there are limits on how many mortgages an individual can have open on their personal credit. That is why private investors are a huge source of financing for real estate investors, and that is why you need to know how to use these sources of money for your investments. In this volume, we will look at when to use private money, and how private money is different from hard money. The correct use of private money sources can loft your real estate career into the stratosphere, as you will be free to do more deals, and do them quickly in comparison to conventional mortgage financing. We will learn how to become successful real estate investors by using private money, with attention to the following:

• When exactly to use private money for real estate deals with specific examples
• Where to find sources for private money
• How to approach and present yourself to private money investors
• How and why to contract with private money investors as debt partners or equity partners
• Finding private money partners where you might not expect

Real estate investing is always about knowing how to use leverage and sources of financing to your advantage. As your career accelerates, you will need more and more options to fund the deals you are putting together on your way to becoming a millionaire real estate investor. This volume will help you find multiple sources of private money for lasting relationships along the course of your real estate investing career.

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Rental Property Investing: 3 Manuscripts in 1: The Beginner’s Guide + Tips and Tricks + Effective Strategies

Rental Property Investing: 3 Manuscripts in 1: The Beginner's Guide + Tips and Tricks + Effective Strategies

Three valuable books conveniently packed in one powerful bundle!

Rental Property Investing – Beginner’s Guide:

Have you ever dreamed about a life where you could earn money in a way that didn’t require that you trade your time for it? Download the audiobook Rental Property Investing: The Beginner’s Guide to Owning Rental Properties and Earning Passive Income now! After purchasing this audiobook, you’ll be given the secrets that will provide you with the tips that you need to start earning income in an exciting and consistently growing field. After being handed the secrets that are presented in this audiobook, you’ll be able to call yourself a successful entrepreneur soon after purchasing your first investment property. This audiobook will give you the confidence that you need to embark on a new and exhilarating career or hobby that will result in you raking in the cash. What more could you ask for?

Imagine a world where your time is spent house hunting for places that need renovation but also have a natural charm. The potential for wealth is yours to find, as long as you know to look for. Find out how to become a successful real estate investor and download this audiobook now. You’ll be investing not only in a audiobook filled with important facts and techniques, but also yourself and your future. What more could you ask for?

Rental Property Investing – Tips and Tricks for Rental Property Investing:

Discover how to get the most out of your business endeavors through means that make you happy and provide your life with a great feeling of fulfillment. Download Rental Property Investing: Tips and Tricks to Finding Success by Owning Rental Properties now to expand your knowledge of how to navigate rental property investing. This audiobook takes you beyond the knowledge contained within a beginner’s guide. It will help you to grow in conjunction with the tools and techniques that you may already have in place regarding rental property.

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