Buying Property in Portugal (third edition)

Buying Property in Portugal (third edition)

Buying a home in Portugal should be straightforward, yet often people fall foul of some of the hidden pitfalls that can derail their overseas property dreams. In this clearly laid out and no-nonsense guide, Gabrielle Collison shares her insider tips and practical, streetwise advice on how to buy a property in Portugal. This fully revised and updated edition contains: – advice on relocating and residency – case studies by people who have relocated – off-plan vs new build vs resale vs self-build – location, location, location – the Portuguese regions – how to choose a real estate agent and builder – selecting your legal advice – property documentation and legal paperwork – selling a Portuguese property – renting a property in Portugal

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Property in Spain: 12th Edition

The Complete Guide to Buying a Property in Spain: 12th Edition

It is probably the best time in a decade to buy a dream home in Spain – at least as far as local prices are concerned.

Many bargain hunters with cash to splash are doing just that. You may wish to join them, but you need to make your way through the bewildering property maze with as few problems as possible and without overpaying for lawyers, estate agents and other useful advisers as well as builders and government fees and taxes.

Anthony I Foster is just the person to lead you through that maze. He has lived and worked in Spain in property since 1981, helping thousands to buy with minimum fuss and cost. This 12th edition of his popular guide provides unrivalled detail as he draws on up-to-date examples from his own experiences.

Find out what all the paperwork and extras – property taxes, electricity and water, telephone, wills, mortgages etc – will likely cost. Avoid the pitfalls that lie in wait for the unwary. Do things in the right order to avoid grief!

The 12th edition includes the tax and legal situation as it stood in Spain as of January 2016.

This guide gives you just what you need to budget as accurately as possible and to understand what your advisers are doing. It even goes into insurance, buying a vehicle, parking without getting towed away, choosing the right people to rent out your property if you wish, and other valuable insights.

Buy this book and you will discover why Anthony Foster has appeared on British television programmes such as BBC’s Working Lunch and Channel 5’s Hot Property as the buyer’s best friend and the cowboy property developer’s worst enemy.

Whether you need just the basics or want in-depth information, this is very probably the guide of choice for you. It even offers an ‘after sales’ service by providing contact details for any questions about what you read.

It has been in print continuously since 1994, a tribute to its usefulness and popularity.

‘This Guide is the property buyer’s best friend in Spain.’ Spain Magazine, UK

See also reviews of previous editions (11th edition eBook and 10th edition paperback)

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