The Real Estate Agent: Master The Art of Real Estate Finance and Investment (Realtors Book 1)

The Real Estate Agent: Master The Art of Real Estate Finance and Investment (Realtors Book 1)

Learn How To Make Your Dreams Of Real Estate Investment A Reality!

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Do you drive past housing developments and apartment complexes and wonder how the developers got the financing to put the project together? Does it seem like a far off dream that is always going to pass you by? What are the finance options available for regular people like you and me?

There are some solid sources of finance for those that want to invest in real estate development projects. Download this book NOW and:

  • Learn What Finance Resources Are Out There For Real Estate Investors.
  • Find Out What It Takes To Qualify For Financing.
  • Learn What Types Of Projects Are Favored For Financing.
  • Get The Information You Need To Be A Step Ahead Of The Competition!

What if you have less than perfect credit? Will it be impossible to get financed? Download this book TODAY and:

  • Learn What Specifics Financing Institutions And Entities Look At Before Approval.
  • Find Out How A Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Finance Options.
  • Learn What The lesser Know Finance Options Are.
  • Get The Money You Need To Make Your Real Estate Investment Dreams Come True!

Real Estate Investment and Development is a costly endeavor, but the payback can be really high. Download this book NOW and get started on your Real Estate Investment future!

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Real Estate Investing With Private Money: A Mogul’s Guide to Building a Network of Financing Sources for Successful Investing (Real Estate Mogul Book 5)

Real Estate Investing With Private Money: A Mogul's Guide to Building a Network of Financing Sources for Successful Investing (Real Estate Mogul Book 5)

Success in real estate investing is dependent on financing, unquestionably. Using conventional mortgages can be difficult if you suffer from credit score blemishes, and ultimately there are limits on how many mortgages an individual can have open on their personal credit. That is why private investors are a huge source of financing for real estate investors, and that is why you need to know how to use these sources of money for your investments. In this volume, we will look at when to use private money, and how private money is different from hard money. The correct use of private money sources can loft your real estate career into the stratosphere, as you will be free to do more deals, and do them quickly in comparison to conventional mortgage financing. We will learn how to become successful real estate investors by using private money, with attention to the following:

• When exactly to use private money for real estate deals with specific examples
• Where to find sources for private money
• How to approach and present yourself to private money investors
• How and why to contract with private money investors as debt partners or equity partners
• Finding private money partners where you might not expect

Real estate investing is always about knowing how to use leverage and sources of financing to your advantage. As your career accelerates, you will need more and more options to fund the deals you are putting together on your way to becoming a millionaire real estate investor. This volume will help you find multiple sources of private money for lasting relationships along the course of your real estate investing career.

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