Real Estate Investing: How to invest successfully in Real Estate & How to become a Real Estate Agent (2 Manuscripts)

Real Estate Investing: How to invest successfully in Real Estate & How to become a Real Estate Agent (2 Manuscripts)

### ## Real Estate Investing – 2 Manuscripts ## ###
This guidebook is going to spend some time talking about real estate investing and how you will be able to make this work to see your income grow.
Whether you are interested in wholesaling homes, flipping homes, or using them as rental properties, you will find all the answers that you need and more inside this guidebook.

Book 1:
There is so much that you can learn about real estate investing include:
What is real estate investing
The best strategies to make your money grow
How to find the perfect strategy
Who you need to have on your team for success
Selling the property
Property updates that increase the value
And more

When you are ready to start putting your money to work and seeing where your income can go, make sure to check out this guidebook and see what real estate investing can do for you.

This starter book will provide easy understanding strategies, techniques, and many considerations, when facing options on what type of Real Estate should you invest into.

Main focus will be on the following topics:

-The Basics of Real Estate Investing
-Strategies and Options When Investing in Real Estate
-Financing Your Investment
-Finding Your First Property and Making a Profit
-Working with Others Can Make Things Easier
-Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property without Spending Too Much
-Tips Every Real Estate Investing Beginner Should Know

Book 2:
Are you ready to begin your career in real estate?
Then give yourself a kick-start in the industry by reading this book.
You’ll learn a step-by-step licensing process, and what comes next to bring you success as a Realtor®.
Do you have questions about how to build your business? We can help with those concerns.
After reading this book, you’ll learn how to generate leads, create marketing plans that will help you compete with today’s top producers, and know how to help sellers get the highest price for their homes.
When you study and apply our unique strategies and proven skills, you’ll soon take advantage of all the opportunities the real estate industry offers.
We’ll teach you how to adopt the professional attitude of a top producer.
Your new skills and knowledge will give you the confidence and assurance you’ll need to conquer market challenges and become the director of your professional destiny.
Before long, you’ll be setting a new standard of excellence, and others will be coming to you for advice and guidance.

Presented with the current management software and digital tools, you’ll be able to brand yourself and create a remarkable image of success.
We’ll teach you how to set and attain goals you never thought possible, turning yesterday’s dreams into tomorrow’s reality.

Chapters will cover the following topics:
The Attitude of a Real Estate Agent
Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Licensed
Five Activities Your First Five Weeks in the Business
Keys to the Listing Appointment
Working as a Buyer’s Agent
Marketing Yourself in a Digital World
Become Goal Oriented & Results Driven
The Advantages of a Career in Real Estate

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