R.E.A.L. Safety Tips For The Real Estate Professional: Staying Safe In All Phases of the Realtor-Buyer Relationship (R.E.A.L. Safety Tips Series Book 2)

R.E.A.L. Safety Tips For The Real Estate Professional: Staying Safe In All Phases of the Realtor-Buyer Relationship (R.E.A.L. Safety Tips Series Book 2)

What Real Estate Professionals do each and every day, puts them in places that the average Joe or Jane does not encounter each day. On a daily basis these professionals are:
•Meeting with complete strangers
•Having Open Houses with multiple visitors, announced and unnannounced
•Meeting strangers at new and/or unfamiliar locations.
•Meeting strangers at ‘neutral’ locations with little or no information on the person.
•Riding in cars with strangers to view various properties
•Often times women, meeting a man that they don’t know, alone, at these unfamiliar locations.
•The list goes on, and each example needs specific awareness and specific decisions to made…on the spot!
Many days these events are happening multiple times, at breakneck speed, working from a tight calendar, with many distractions and disturbances. This practice and pace can unknowingly become the recipe for a possible disaster.
The men and women in the Real Estate Profession encounter ‘possible’ dangers that other professions don’t necessarily encounter. It’s just as dangerous for men and women alike, with one exception. If men were to encounter a crisis situation (an attack), the attacker typically wants either his money or his life.
If a woman encounters an attack by a man, the attacker wants her money, her body, her life…..or all of the above.
The stakes are high in both cases. The women have the variable of sexual assault to deal with. (which we will in this booklet and in my seminars)
The difference between Realtors’ being attacked, and the average person being attacked is that the situation can be skewed, big time, in favor of the Predator when it comes to the Realtor, and here is why:
Predators are constantly looking for ‘soft targets’ or ‘easy targets’
A soft target can present themselves to the predator in many ways:
•The insecure woman walking with her arms across her chest, slumped shoulders, looking down, moving slowly.
•The person on the cell phone, totally oblivious to their surroundings
•The person who gets in the car in the grocery store parking lot and sits and checks emails and texts, without locking their doors
•The young lady jogging alone.
•The man who is sitting at the stop light with his car door unlocked and the car windows rolled down.
•This list is as endless, but I hope you see the point….
Predators study people. They study their habits. And they always choose the path of least resistance to abduct an easy or soft target, in a scenario with the least chance of being caught or injured.
Often times predators abduct their victim at one location (opportunity presents itself) and then they take the victim to a secondary location to beat, rape, and possibly murder them. They look for a victim (a soft target), and an opportunity to abduct or attack them. The predator looks for victims, and he looks for opportunities……..and when these three meet, a tragedy will occur!
In the case of Real Estate Agents, the barrier is lowered because of the dynamic I discussed above relative to the need in the business to meet ‘strangers’, in ‘new or unfamiliar’ places, and homes. In these scenarios, opportunities for the Predator to find ‘victims’ are increased; because of the nature of the business that we discussed in the bullet points above.
Unfortunately, we live in a world that has large doses of evil that we see and hear about on a daily basis on the news. We only have to watch the news a few minutes to ingest several doses of that evil that we are walking among, and are bombarded with daily on the news reports. We watch it on Television, we hear it at the water cooler, but often times we ignore it with these types of ‘justifications’ or ‘minimizations’:
•“That doesn’t apply to me, that stuff only happens in big cities.”

In this book we will develop a plan to remain safe and sound in all areas of the Real Estate Professional and Buyer relationship.

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