Property Management Guide: For Landlords, Property Investors And Tenants

Property Management Guide: For Landlords, Property Investors And Tenants

This Property Management Guide provides helpful guidance through the complex world of property management within the UK. Whether you want to see greater returns on your investment, reduced overheads and property costs, or need answers to specific property problems, this tool will enable you to immediately focus on the right issues and identify the best solutions.

Being deliberately designed as an overall guide covering all bases, you will easily be able to understand the principles, see how everything connects together, and know where you can then find further information and more technical knowledge.

This is all logically laid out, as the author puts it, “to benefit three types of people, through four different perspectives, by fifty three unique principles, and shaped by various points — all to form the right path”.

So whether you’re a landlord, property investor or tenant of commercial or residential property in the UK, there is a clear summary at the end of each of the fifty three principles to help all involved with property.

These are then grouped into four different property perspectives consisting firstly of the actual property, secondly the people with interests, thirdly the payments and charges that are incurred, and finally the paperwork and documentation. In addition, there are top tips and key points to make sure you absorb all the most useful tricks of the trade.

Let this Property Management Guide clearly and concisely steer you through the world of property management to ensure your own goals of owning or occupying property are easily accomplished.

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