Property Investment for Beginners

Property Investment for Beginners

Updated for 2017 – includes all the tax and legislative changes announced during 2016.

Despite some ups and downs along the way, property has been one of the best investments of the last 20 years – and you’re convinced it could be your key to financial freedom.

And it could. But where do you start?

Do you invest near where you live, or wherever yields are best? Do you rent to families, or professionals, or students? Should you be trawling through Rightmove or lurking at property auctions?

This short book covers the big questions you should be asking yourself before you so much as glance at an estate agent’s window. It contains a jargon-free explanation of basic investment principles, summaries of the major post-crunch investment strategies, and advice on developing a mindset that will support your long-term success.

The book also includes a curated “further reading” list of recommended books, magazines, forums, blogs and podcasts to help you confidently take your next steps in your property investment journey.

You’ll learn…

  • How to pick an investment strategy that matches your skills and goals
  • The only three calculations you need to know to size up any deal
  • The costs you need to account for along the way – including all the tax changes announced in 2015
  • How to (safely and sustainably) stretch a limited pot of cash to build whatever size portfolio you want

… although you will need to endure some pretty shocking jokes along the way. Sorry about that.

Praise for Property Investment For Beginners

“The book is very easy to read and the explanations are very clear, with some good humour to boot! With a good set of references and online links, this book is a must for anyone interested in property investment.” – P Cowley

“A property investment book that keeps it simple. I really enjoyed it, and will use it as my main point of reference. Unlike most of the other books, the reader doesn’t have to endure the rags-to-riches rubbish and the inevitable sales pitch for further training.” – Nesser

“I stumbled across this book randomly on Amazon and I’m so pleased I did – it has given me an excellent overview of what it is to invest in property and has really helped me to focus on my specific goals. It has also opened my eyes to a world of useful tools and contacts, which I may never have found without it. Other books may have been able to do this but I’m not sure they would’ve been so enjoyable to read. If you are thinking of investing in property, or perhaps already are but want to take it further, this is a must-read book.” – whatkatythinks

“When you buy this book, you are not only getting a property wizard, you are also getting a warm-hearted guy. In his book, Rob mentions several times that you can contact him via email and he’ll try to help you out. And HE DID! I tentatively emailed him with some questions and he replied right away! Of course, I know he’s probably not able to do this for everybody, but even if he just replied to one question, he has proven that he’s genuine and kind. And what he replied me with is thoughtful, honest and probably saved me a fortune in the end. Totally worth every penny. Get the book!” – kaitlinjj

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