Professional Property Management

Professional Property Management

Professional Property Management is a comprehensive guide on how to increase profits and productivity through an efficient and productive property management department that uses quality management procedures. Improving marketing strategies, setting up the department for long-term growth, and increasing staff stability will result in a professional residential property portfolio.

There are an ever-increasing number of property management agencies opening due to the profits that can be gained through an established, well-maintained and professionally operated business. Make sure your agency is the one that stands out from the crowd and is recognised for its professional approach and customer values.

• Find fool proof systems and procedures to increase efficiency and productivity
• Learn to manage more properties, minimize staff stress, and increase customer service values
• Maintain and increase the standard of rental properties
• Increase occupancy and reduce tenant vacancies
• Discover useful checklists for daily operations and training
• Zenya Allen has gained international property management

Zenya Allen has gained international property management experience in a career spanning over 20 years. She has created property management companies, in separate countries, developing them into efficient, profitable portfolios, to gain maximum return and later selling them as a going concern

With this knowledge Zenya Allen currently operates a consultancy business offering services to agencies in conducting portfolio assessments, implementing strategies to increase productivity and profits

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