Part Time Real Estate Agent StartUp: How I Went From Bartending to be a Successful Realtor

Part Time Real Estate Agent StartUp: How I Went From Bartending to be a Successful Realtor

Part Time Real Estate Agent Startup

How I Went From Bartending to Be a Successful Realtor

My name is David Newman; I was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. I started bartending back in 2003 and took it as a profession; I was making around 00 a month, and I was content. But things started to change once I started my family.

I found myself helpless as we were trying to take care of our son’s illness and was looking for a 2nd and even a 3rd job to make ends meet. During this time I met this well-dressed older couple, they came to our restaurant for some food and drinks, as we were just talking; I told them my situation, and they were very sympathetic, before leaving the gentleman left me a good tip and his business card told me to call him the next day. Looking at the card, I noticed he was a realtor broker.

I met him for lunch the next day, and he asked me if I would be interested in becoming a realtor part time. I found out I could become a licensed realtor for under 0 and in just 3 months.

Long story short, I am a realtor now for last few years, and I have helped few friends including my wife to become realtors. I do it full time now, and I made little over 3,000 last year.

I know this if I could do this anyone can, so this is for you, just follow what I outlined in this book and you will be successful as long as you are dedicated, serious and commit to doing this.

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • How You can do This Part Time
  • How Much Money will You Make
  • all 50 State and Canada Licensing Requirements
  • How Much Money do You Need to Get Started
  • How Long will it Take to Become a R/E agent
  • Where and How to Take the Course
  • How to Start you own Real Estate Business
  • How to Market your New Business both on and offline
  • 5 Life Savings Tips for all Real Estate Agents

    I got motivated to become a real estate agent when I met David the first time at an open house, I was surprised when he sent me this book via email with a note that said follow this and you will be fine. I took his advice and I am glad I did, I just passed my prelicense exam last week- Thanks sooo much David” – J. Mathias

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