Consider it Sold!: Northern Virginia’s Home Selling Survival Guide

Consider it Sold!: Northern Virginia's Home Selling Survival Guide

Homeowners rejoice! Steve Bradley, an experienced real estate listing agent in Northern Virginia, tells all. In an industry filled with part time and inexperienced people, Steve tells you how to find the diamond in the rough when hiring a real estate agent when trying to sell your home.

His chapter, Realtor Lies and Misdirection is a must read. Have you ever wondered why some homes in your neighborhood come to the market with really high prices? Have you wondered why the real estate agent priced it so high? Steve shares the inside secrets to some very shady practices in his industry.

The best way to avoid the problems you hear about real estate agents is knowing what to ask them before hiring them. The chapter, Eleven Probing Interview Questions For Realtors will help you find the perfect agent to help you sell your home.

Do not make the mistake of hiring a discount, part-time or inexperienced agent to help you. Read Steve’s book and find the best real estate agent the first time.

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